Embarrassing Americans: Ann Coulter isn’t alone


Waking up and seeing that good ole Ann Coulter has found a new low to her ignorance. Fact is I’m not even going to address her stupidity and hatred to even come up with such a shameless attempt for attention. No, I’m addressing the people who are for some reason taking offense to the #BringsBackOurGirls campaign. I’m lost on how people feel our First Lady shouldn’t care, a mother of two girls shouldn’t care? I’m not even going to touch race yet at all just the fact that a mother who has influence has let you know where she stands on a news story that for the most part isn’t major news should be viewed as a good thing. Call me crazy but if your child was kidnapped and Michelle Obama showed support for something to be done to return of your child home how would you feel about such a backlash against this campaign? I’m happy that Michelle Obama was and still is outraged about schoolgirls being kidnapped no mater where they’re from. In a strange way I thought this story would resonate with mothers all over America where a real backlash to Coulter’s picture should have been more than photoshop knock offs. You have an issue with Obama and how he is ruining the country in your opinion that’s fine, #BringsBackOurGirls isn’t about American politics, it’s about innocent lives, young lives put in harms way for no reason at all.

The problem is people are so into race that all we’re seeing is a Black woman addressing an issue that deals with Black girls being kidnapped by Black men. That thought alone is why the story hasn’t really caught fire. We’re still getting reports from Malaysia about the missing plane. We’re up to date with what’s going on in the Ukraine. To be honest if those over 300 girls were Ukrainian the world would be united for justice, hell there would meetings about bombing the Boko Haram. The lack of concern for lives in Africa isn’t new in my lifetime at all. Rwanda and Sudan’s genocide could have had been stopped and or slowed down but since those are African countries the world, not just America, turned it’s back to what was happening. We as a country protected the people of Kosovo and left people in Rwanda for dead. That’s not Ann Coulter’s fault that’s on us as Americans. As a people we don’t care about what happened to the plane in Malaysia, we didn’t care about the events of the protest in The Middle East a few years back. The fact this story of over 300 girls being taken isn’t all over the place like Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend. the story is almost a month old and even with this show of disrespect there really isn’t much news.

It’s easy to say Michelle Obama is upset because she’s Black. It is just that easy to say , to say that because of race Michelle Obama has become the face of righting a major wrong. If that is that case I’m fine with that personally. It shows we as a people have a bigger picture and connection to the world. To worry about the newest music beef or who’s funny Kevin Hart or Mike Epps or just something local that isn’t that important seems to sum up African Americans. Around the same time of the girls being kidnapped, April 13th 2014, a portion of “Black Twitter” was all over LoLo Jones dissing Drake and Rihanna or the Jay Z and Drake beef, the other half was doing whatever. As African Americans the Obamas know how little media coverage Black and Brown people get when it comes to kidnappings. People see the hashtag and have no idea what it means, that’s the medias fault. To be honest both Michelle Obama and Ann Coulter’s pictures have made it a conversation. People now want to know what words mean, will that make people invest time to keep up with what’s going on? I wouldn’t bet on it. Ann Coulter is full of shit, always has been and always will be, the fact that people are too color blind to get the point of the campaign has only been highlighted by Coulter’s picture. The only thing that has happened is that those in the know who aren’t please with The First Lady speaking out against what happened in Nigeria are no longer speaking behind closed doors, they’re now out in the open. Many people agree with Coulter’s view whether it’s about how the country is or just the fact people think Michelle is sticking to her own kind. The fact Ann Coulter felt she could get away with mocking Michelle Obama’s picture says more about us as a people than it does about Ann Coulter.


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