Why Are People Hating On Michael Sam

Everyone has something to say about the reality show surrounding Michael Sam. Why? Why are people so against this? To be fair he has to make the team first and then we can realize the hypocrisy. We know the life of Michael Sam will be a topic of conversation for The NFl,, so Sam is dictating to an extent, his story. I understand The St. Louis Rams may not want the distraction, but if HBO or ESPN chose to follow Sam during training camp would The Rams be open for it? The NFL should be documenting what Michael Sam is doing anyway because he isn’t just another football player. He is the first openly gay player and this does open the door to a new challenge acceptance for those in NFL locker rooms. I get The NFL being upset that Sam had this reality show in the works but the league could have used such thing to not have a team draft him. Now that he is drafted he will have to answer the same questions about life as an openly gay NFL player on all the pre shows. To have to be put on display in that manner by The NFL is normal for us as viewers but not for a player to go outside and do the same thing I guess. The truth is I wouldn’t watch the show, I also don ‘t think the show would be aimed at me anyway. I think it would be a show targeted at gays and those who are athletes and sports lovers. I personally don’t care about Michael Sam or any rookie to be honest, they haven’t played one down yet for me to invest in their lives. For people to come way with negatives views about someone getting a jump the media and how much of his story will play a part this season still confuses me. Good luck to Michael Sam with the show, if does happen since the people over at OWN are rethinking the show. That means since they’ve somehow made it come off as the wrong thing to do there shouldn’t be some short documentary on The NFL Network about the first openly gay player. I think The NFL was mad they didn’t get the opportunity to capitalize on Michael Sam first.


3 thoughts on “Why Are People Hating On Michael Sam

  1. While it’s possible the NFL is pissed Michael Sam decided to maximize his marketability before they could, the point is not lost on me that if he doesn’t make the team, his TV show could have a very short run. As a seventh round draft pick on a team with plenty of defensive line depth, Sam is far from a lock to make the Rams and if they cut him, it’s far from certain he will find a home elsewhere in the league.

    Football teams, like most prospective employers, want their employees to be focused on the job, not their outside pursuits and whether or not Sam admits it, a reality show IS a distraction. The show has been postponed by Oprah’s network, but you can bet Sam requested it after the negative press. What Sam has going most for him is his likability and that goes away if he looks like just another name in the news trying to profit off of his story.

    • I totally agree BUT I also think if he does make the team he will be exploited, it was a good move to be the one out there doing it. Anything story wise or some sort video footage about being the first openly gay or just kinda sorta not really make him the unofficial face of locker room tolerance, he won’t see a dime of it from The NFL. This would have put a little money in his pocket on the side. And not to steal a point from the would be producer of the show but it would have been nice to see a camera crew following Jackie Robinson, we would have so much more than the same somewhat one sided story of the man. Not even daring to throw Sam in the same boat but I feel if he makes the team there should be someone following his movement, this is history.

      • The only problem with that, B.C. is Michael Sam has said repeatedly he wants to be treated as a football player. Not a GAY football player. This move totally contradicts what he has said he wanted. At this point Sam should be focusing on making the team. He’ll still be gay. The TV show can wait.

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