Miami Vs. San Antonio Round Two


Let’s be honest, The Spurs and Heat match up was really what you wanted to see right? No I’m not being sarcastic, The Spurs were the best team this year and The Heat are two time defending champions. You add the fact that The Spurs had the title before Ray Allen hit that shot and it seem like all the energy left from The Spurs players for game 7 of The Finals last year. Now it’s a new year and both teams looked unstoppable for the most part in the playoffs so it was only right not see either one of them have an upset. Not overlooking The Thunder but if people are going to talk about how bad The Pacers were the same conversation should be given to The Thunder. They struggled from the first and never had an easy series. The Spurs had a the roughest time in the first round against follow battle tested and prideful Dallas Maverick. I want this match up and I think both teams do too, no matter who wins or loses this will be a great series,of course I’m hoping The Spurs win.

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