The Spurs Won Game 1, Stop Crying


Last night a series of unforeseen events led to The San Antonio Spurs getting game one of the NBA Finals. That means ESPN had a field day downplaying the victory due to LeBron James cramp. First off it happens and to be fair if The Spurs hadn’t turned things up a few notches then they’d be viewed as fools. Injuries and cramps are part of the life and when it’s the star player the balance of the game is automatically shifted. All we can do is imagine what things would have been like if Isiah Thomas hadn’t been injured in 1988‘s NBA Finals against The Lakers. He single handedly beat The Lakers in game 8 and to me should be one of the only players calling LeBron out, but he isn’t. Things happen move on get over it. It was a cramp, even Wade is saying it’s been overblown. Cramps happen in sports, all sports, any given Sunday you can see some NFL play limping off the field due to a cramp.

The only people who should be under scrutiny are the other Heat players. How could they let The Spurs come back and win the game? If all The Heat did was score when The Spurs did it would have still been a blowout for The Heat. I mean Bosh was shooting outside like Arvydas Sabonis, Dirk or Yao Ming last night, but then got cold fast. There are confidence issues with The Heat to let a big lead go once your best player is out. Last night wasn’t the first time that game where LeBron was in foul trouble saw The Heat looking for answers. Blame LeBron for poor conditioning. Tony Parker and Ray Allen are the oldest guys playing and they were both fine. No one will dare bring that up because it’s LeBron, if it was Wade it could be chalked up as another nail in his coffin, same could be said for Parker, Duncan and Ginóbili. Since it’s LeBron the air condition being out is a setup or something and everyone remembers how there were cramp issues before. I’m not saying LeBron should have tried to play through the pain, things can always get worst when players try to do that, I’m saying no one should speak like The Spurs stole game one. There’s no reason The Heat shouldn’t have been defeated last night, but they were and it wasn’t because of dehydration. The teams folded under he pressure.

I’m saying it now Game tqo will be a blow out

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