Latest update on Shanesha Taylor


Since no one is really making the life of Shanesha Taylor major news I decided to look up what was going on with her. What I found was a trail date set in September, so much for a speedy trail. She won visitation rights, supervised of course, and she is out on bail. Now there is no news on her job hunt or how to somehow help her get a job. There is a lot of talk about fixing the welfare system but what does that do for Taylor? She had a job interview and now she may never get a fair shake again. Unless Arizona is planning on taking care of Taylor for the rest of her life it would wise to help her get on her feet. It doesn’t seem as if that’s is a plan. Having her life on track is step one to attempting to get her children back. If the state isn’t concerned with any of that, I feel Taylor’s life is over. I’m sure there won’t be any real news about her trail due to the attention the mid term elections will get, coincidence? I just wondered this morning about what was going on with Shanesha Taylor, nothing progressive.


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