People Hate Kim and Kanye because of their interracial relationship…NOT

Kanye had some weird comments about the hate he and Kim gets here.

I’m not sure when Kanye West chose to live in a bubble or really think his life was so important to think people were and may still be hating his relationship because of race. It’s 2014, look around Kanye isn’t John Prentice from Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. You go almost anywhere in America and see an interracial couple, except for on television, gay couples galore, black dude white chick not so much. Who is he referring to as haters, those in the pop world? Seal and Heidi Klum were fine, he was a recording artist and she had an actual career, was a model. Could on for days like that, bringing up names of couples and not really hear any complaints about their love being bashed due to interracial issues. Maybe Kanye needs, wants, prays it’s about race. I’m sure he has cut off friends and associates because of Kim.

I know people seem to be less hateful and more annoyed Kanye has turned to Captain Save A Hoe, Kim has been married before and between time has been around stars like ultimate groupie she is. How has no one in his camp brought that up to him is still confusing to me. Then there is the the fact Kanye and Kim are D list celebrities that are desperately seeking to A listers status and do anything to be that. Kim is famous for being famous like Paris Hilton was at her height of pop status. The difference is it dawned on Paris she’s rich, she’s old money rich, fame doesn’t match up well with wealth. Kim’s hood notoriety come down to who she’s been with. So she has no real career in the world of entertainment unless you count that sex tape. Kanye’s career isn’t doing too well with his music. For some reason they see themselves on the same level as Jay Z and Beyonce, that isn’t happening. It isn’t a Lebron Jordan , Bird Magic comparison, this is like 1994 Illmatic and Ready To Die and then every other Hip Hop album of that year, Kim and Kanye are those other albums. Kim is trophy wife, arm candy who wants to be so much more but doesn’t have the skill or lack the motivation to build on that want of being more than an Instagram celeb,, Kanye and her show on E! separate her from the countless name brand Instragram chicks who have some web fame because of their body. Kanye has found himself on the Kardashian circus bus and is losing his identity. It’s easy to play the race card and it’s Kanye so there’s a story there whether it’s true or not or true to him. Kanye and Kim know how to stay in the public eye, this is just another example of that. Kim is shallow as hell, and Kanye is too but Kanye is talented and is an ass so he gets a pass on being whatever and however he is. At this point the media likes them because they seek out the exposure, the average person is tired of them, again look at Hilton and Nicole Richie. Nicole is a media darling to a certain degree because it is now rare to see her in the news. Once Kim and Kanye stop throwing themselves in the paparazzi’s face then the hate will die down.


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