Hillary Doesn’t Relate To The Middle Class, Good For Her



I’m confused how the “Dead Broke” comment has become some bad thing. Somehow the media and the political world wants people to be believe Hillary is out touch with the average American, middle class Americans. She’s not wrong for her comment and shouldn’t have to explain it either, as far back as I can remember in my lifetime Hillary Clinton has been in the world of politics. Her idea of dead broke and all that happened to her “homes” are what you’d expect if I’m not wrong., right? No Presidents’ post life is normal compared to the average persons’ life, that would include financial and living arrangement. Then you the fact Hillary became a Senator right after her stint as First Lady, did two terms as a Senator and then became in 2009. I didn’t get into whatever happened in Arkansas in the 80‘s. Can the average Middle class person even relate to such a life? Hillary Clinton by no fault of her own has become a career politician.

Politicians want so desperately to be viewed as the average American but they can’t be, not if you’ve become a career politician. If you’ve ran for a political seat and have never held one before, yes the middle class route is easier for you to attempt to walk. Dave Brat can talk that “I’m just like you” talk, not Hillary Clinton, I’m surprised no one has put this fact out there to put an end to the “Dead Broke” controversy. Was it the right choice of words? Not at all. Did anyone really think their version of “Dead Broke” would look like that of someone who had to move in with family because they loss their home and job? I’m sure if that was to happen to a former President, any former President, you’d wonder how did a former President become so broke that he and his wife are living with relatives. It would be hard to process. Hillary falls under the Former Presidents Act thanks to Bill Clinton. Then there is whatever Bill gets or used to get for being a former Governor. Does this make her claim of “Dead Broke” more ridiculous? In Context not at all, they’ve grown accustom to a certain comfort level and that was no longer the case for them. My personal idea of “Dead Broke” isn’t the same as someone who has been evicted and has been in a shelter. Broke to me is not having spending money, I have money to take care of bills, I have money saved but nothing to just spoil myself. I’m sure people understand that and understood what Hilary was talking about. How that comment became some button issue when there still needs to be something done with minimum wage and border security is beyond me. It’s been about two months this comment is still something people are forced to listen to. I may be wrong but the comment isn’t that big of a deal to people.

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