Unnecessary Drama


It’s easy to call people racist in America, it’s easy to play the race in America. These days it’s easy because as Americans we love to think we’re better than the good ol’ days of slavery or segregation. I say all this because July 2nd 2014 Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony had a bad day which got him fired from his Sirius XM show. To be fair Anthony Cumia had a right to be angry, I’m on his side with the first tweet as he explains what happened to him that day. Things go terribly wrong after that with his tweets progressively getting more hateful and racist.

You take out the “black” part and there is no racial undertone there at all. I’m sure Cumia would have gotten replies asking if the chick was black. Right there I’m on his side, even with the female’s race being added there isn’t a real problem. The problem comes with the “savage”, “animal” talk with white hate talk sprinkled in. That to me may have been why he was fired and that i could agree with even as i can understand that the more he thought and talked about what happened the more it was broken down to a Black White thing. What if it was a Spanish or white female, then what? How about a white man? Would it have then turned into a New Yorkers from certain boroughs of New York City rant? The fact Cumia tweeted “She’s lucky I was a white legal gun owner or she’d be dead.” is really where things took a wrong turn. Everything else after was just icing on a shit cake he could have avoided baking.

I’ve never heard the Opie and Anthony show and I’ve only heard about it from a few people here and there so Anthony Cumia is a nobody in my world, him being fired means nothing to me. With that said for all the people up in arms over it they should be emailing, tweeting or something to get in contact and inform him this could have been avoided. Cumia could have moved away from them and called the police. The guy could have pressed charges not just on the female but the group that was around him causing a scene. Taking the time tweet out his frustration was his problem, being pissed was natural , the extremely harsh tweets weren’t. I have no pity for him. If anything I’m glad he didn’t take the law into his own hands and fire off a few shots. I think once and if that female he tweeted about calms down she may reflect on the fact she came away from the day good. Cumia could have pressed charges and she’d be somewhere losing money and having to appear in court for assault because she did strike the guy several times. The other scenario of that is that female could have been shot.

Being fair this is an issue that shouldn’t happened whether it’s the hot head female or the highly frustrated man with busy fingers. This is an example of sending tweets before thinking of how things will play out. I don’t know the kind of people listen to Opie and Anthony or the kind of people that follow or followed Cumia on twitter but I know how anything to do with people of the opposite race will be fed to the public. Right now I’m sure there are a few sites running this story and the blame game and race finger pointing is all over the comment sections. Being honest i’d be mad if I had that happen and it nwas someone of another race and I’d throw all the stupid things I think about that race out there, who wouldn’t, and if not you it would definitely be someone you’re close to that would go overboard on racial comments. Cumia is a celebrity in some manner and that spotlight can easily make you a target for slip ups like this. I’m sure Cumia will be somewhere as no one is just out once their fired these days. The only person that looked to be out for sure was Isaiah Washington, and he was on Grey’s Anatomy again. Unlike a few people out there who have said the wrong thing, or let it be known how they feel about certain things, what Cumia went through people go through. It’s not forgiveable and it won’t be as long as Cumia continues to not see how things fell apart for that day. I wouldn’t say he should apologize because other than the words he tweeted he wasn’t in the wrong. He should just be aware that what he tweeted was wrong.


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