The Poor Door Isn’t About Segregation It’s About The Lack Of Self Respect


In New York a thirty three story skyscraper was approved for two doors with one being dubbed the “poor door”. Where does the “poor door” come from? The skyscraper on the Upper West Side of Manhattan are Condos with housing units for the middle and lower class, about twenty percent of the units are restricted for that. Of course this has causes a bit of a problem in New York but truth is nothing will happen at all. One reason, the main reason is the two doors are mandatory from a legal standpoint. Where it gets crazy is just how things break down within the building. Just from fuss one would think all the cheaper buildings are on one side of the skyscraper.

The segregation talk automatically comes into play and of course the race card is waiting to be dropped as well. The problem isn’t about segregation because airlines segregate people, have been doing so for decades. Same can be said for resorts that have cheaper rates and hotels different from the more expensive hotels. This isn’t new, it’s something we as people agree to for the sake of enjoying ourselves and not going broke. The issue here is it’s where people live. We as a people can overlook such unequal treatment when it’s brief situation, to live at this skyscraper and have to deal with such a alienating thing day in and day out is different. Some people have said they’d be willing to go through a different door if it meant they lived on the Upper West Side and to know there are very successful people in the building. People will be willing lessen their self worth for less important things, a place to live is one people lessen themselves for all the time with the jobs they work to make ends meet. Life is compromise but to just accept having a door just for poor people is insane. The fault falls on those who drew up the blueprint for the building. I lived in a tower type place that had two doors more so for the wings of the building. How couldn’t that be the case for this skyscraper or is having doors on each wing of the building a thing that would cheapen the look of the Condos? As long as there will be people who are fine with having a separate doors there really will be no need to fix this problem. What will end up happening is more building will go up and whether or not Bill de Blasio wants to rewrite the building code the fact remains those cheaper units in that skyscraper will have people living in them in due time.

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