Expanding Live At The Oasis


It’s almost been a year since i repackaged Live At The Oasis show on Blogtalkradio, and it’s been a good run. I’m looking to expand the show to an hour at the least, not really looking to max out with a two hour show. I would love to do a live show, completely live from the mix to just interacting with listeners, but I also know people listen when they get the time so whether or not it’s a live mix or not doesn’t really matter. With that said i do want to interact with people who listen to the show. With that thought in mind I’m thinking I may connect with people on Skype, and make the mix to give a fresh feeling to it once I upload it on Blogtalkradio. I’m also going to try and get a video up of me while mixing and even have an extra ten to fifteen minutes of unedited stuff. Not sure if Youtube allows people to do that but I do know I have to acknowledge I don’t own the rights to the songs I play. I’m excited about taking this next step and taking Live At The Oasis to another level. Most of the videos would be for Beats & Bars Friday. It would be cool to also play unsigned artist and even build with them on the show about their project or just music in general. Not sure when all of this will take place, it will be once school starts and I’ll have quiet time to really get it in with no interruptions. Until then if you’ve check the show I hope you enjoyed what you’ve heard so far, and if you haven’t just go here and listen to show.

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