September 8th Blackout Means What Exactly?



I will be honest I had no idea when Labor Day was so when I saw the protest poster calling for a black out on Monday, September the 8th I thought was Labor Day. Of course I was totally wrong which brings me to the question of why the 8th? Why not August 30th or even the weekend in general? Reading comments on sites about this blackout people are all for making a statement by hurting businesses. No one on the three sites I’ve seen the blackout posted on has asked why not the first of the month. Most companies in retail make their major money for the month during the first.
The objective is to show that as a group be it race, political party, gender, sexual preference or just a group pissed off about something that you can hurt a company by not spending your money. Now if whoever came up with that September 8th date really wanted to say something they should have thought big. Blackout on Black Friday. Imagine the impact if people just stayed home that day? How about blackout on the first of any giving month? Why think small on blacking out any major stores, go bigger, blackout corner stores that are owned by people who are willing to take your money but not invest in your community. Take the concept and shape it to many other things, to come together and sit home is easy, to come together and take a stand together is difficult. The blackout is in response to the alarming rate black men being shot stories making the news local or national. Why not take a stand and go to your City Hall, you know where you Mayor loves to go to lunch stand there. Even if that city isn’t in the news for shooting a black male, the usual suspect mentality falls on Black males starts at the academy and ride alongs. You want to slow the quick to shoot first element then put pressure on your Mayor and let him pass that buck down the ladder, you have to start at the top. Blackout BET as well as your local radio station that claims their the home Hip Hop of R&B. The music that makes the rotation makes Black men look bad, the images help feed the need for people to assume Black men are dangerous. With that said I grew up in the true gangster rap days where Public Enemy was on the other side and was deemed just as dangerous as N.W.A or Snoop. The difference is when some places out in the Midwest they played Pete Rock & CL, Das EFX, new Run DMC, MC Lyte, Sir Mix – A- Lot or anything not “gangster”. Nowadays there really isn’t an alternative to what gets played and even though Drake is borderline bubble gum, he is very much one dimensional and shallow.

BET and radio aren’t going to openly back any type of blackouts that are nothing more than marches because they’re owned by advertisements. How would the radio station you listen to that is supposed to be the voice of the community look to K mart and Wal Mart if they had one or more DJs promoting the blackout? That’s bad for business. To have one or two businesses pay extra money to have DJs read about a store verses some other store is business, to speak to listeners and say don’t shop anywhere on a set date is bad for business all across the board, that station and those stores. So now the one major source that could reach more people than even a Facebook page or some website or message board online isn’t in play. any movement of protest needs something stronger than word of mouth The Tea Party had conservative radio and the fact white people hated Obama and wanted to group up anyway going for it. CNN isn’t going to have a story about an African American blackout on a set date because even if not many African Americans watch CNN or MSNBC once that door is open you bring legitimacy to the blackout and that’s bad for that channel and it’s advertising. I’m all for this blackout talk but to do it on a random day that as far as I know has no importance defeats that point. Make a powerful statement on the right day that really makes a statement.

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