TMZ Shows What Happened In The Elevator Between Ray Rice and Fiancee


I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the incident between Ray Rice and his then fiancee, him dragging her out of the elevator after he knocked her out. I’m also sure you knew it wouldn’t be long before some site or network released the more than the footage that was seen over the summer. Well, TMZ “Sports” has what took place in the elevator and to be honest it makes all those Ray Rice sympathizers sounds even worse than than they did when just trying to come up with reasons a grown ass man would and should be allowed to punch a woman. Yes, we’ve seen and heard not just online or any ESPN show the weeks of all attention the story got, but in our surrounding area people were trying to justify Ray Rice punching his then fiancee. All of those scenarios that were thrown around were useless then and even more so when compared to what Rice’s then fiancee really did… Walked towards him. No arms raised and flaring all over the place, no fight stance, not even the stereotypical ritual of taking off heels and or earrings that is associated with Black females getting ready to fight. It was an argument, that for what ever reason Rice seem to want to take further as it he invaded her personal space once they were in the elevator. Rice hit her first and her head hit the railing as she was going down. There also wasn’t an urgency to help his then fiancee in any manner.

click here to see footage

What makes this even crazier is the fact TMZ has this and now you have to wonder did Roger Goodell and his people see what happened from the time the couple stepped in the elevator and if so why such a slap on the wrist with a two game suspension? The NFL is saying they aware of more footage. That also says they chose not to hunt it down, that doesn’t look good for the leauge. The first time this came up it felt like The NFL was trying to sweep it under the rug. like they were the police and The NFL had their own “blue wall”. Guess they figured the men of the world would be ok with whatever the league threw out there as a punishment. That didn’t happen, a nice amount of men found the whole thing from what they saw to how The NFL handled it was wrong. The NFL must have been lied to about what happened in the elevator and accepted it as truth and chose to give Rice a two game suspension is unacceptable. I wonder if those fans cheering for Rice during the preseason would still be supporting a woman beater after seeing this footage? You also have to think about The Ravens organization as well. This is a prime example of talent being put over everything else. Something talented people know about well, they’ve lived through it. Some to this day still feel Allen Iverson got off easy during the bowling alley brawl because of who he was. That is still somewhat debatable, this is a clear cut case of wrong doing. This will be a black eye on The NFL and Robert Goodell.


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