Moving to Spreaker for now


I took some time from the mix show to figure out what would be the next move for Live At The Oasis. One thing I know for sure is I want to have a longer show. Blogtalkradio has been good and I made do with the free plan and sometimes I even made 30 minutes feel longer. I just can’t see myself paying $40 a month for a music show where I’m not getting the best quality out of the music. I searched and checked out other podcast sites and or mix sites since my show is more music than talk radio, I came across Spreaker again. I’m on Spreaker now and use it as another outlet for my shows like I do with Mixcloud and Soundcloud but I never gave it a real good look as far as setting up my show there.

One thing I like is Spreaker is cheaper. The next thing I like is that I can do a live show, mix from my home and feel like I’m really let listeners feel what I’m feeling as I’m mixing. I had to research about using my mixer with Spreaker and once I saw that I could I knew I wanted to ride with that site. Spreaker can allow me to even try to get on iHeartradio. I looked up mix shows and most were club or dud music shows but I’ll still see if I can maybe make the cut somewhere down the line. I’m ready for change from time to format. My first week I will go completely live and see if it is better to have premade mixes or do it live.

My goal is to by next year have videos of the shows as well. I won’t do Ustream or anything like that so it will be Youtube and or Daily Motion. Live shows, downloads, and videos… I’m hoping it all works out. Live At The Oasis has gotten off to a nice start, short and slow but still a nice start. To those who have listened and enjoyed the music, I will keep it just the way it is. I’m flirting with going five days a week as well. I really want to bring back my Thursday’s Review podcast. I figure to have things in place by Sept. 22nd. I’m thinking 9pm EST. If you’re an artist or just know of good music feel free to hit me up and share a link. I’ve played songs from artists on Hulkshare, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and other sites, good music is good music and that’s what i’m trying to showcase.


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