When Did Not Supporting Ray Rice Become Something That Makes Back People Look Bad?

It’s crazy how public opinion changed within a week about Ray Rice. I’m pretty sure most of that change of heart was because The NFL has really fucked up. With African Americans it just became a shock of what happened to shock of what happened to Ray Rice to a major support campaign to right a wrong by the Baltimore Ravens and The NFL. While all this was going on somewhere, somehow not being behind Ray Rice and his wife had become a lack of black support and is a bad look for Black people.

First off the bad look for Black people started with Ray Rice and his wife. While some people are happy to inform people that Ray Rice wife spit on him and they were in a heated argument before the elevator “mistake”, no one stops to think that makes Black people look bad. Being in pubic showing out brings our people down. Black people trying to half-ass support Ray Rice brings our people down. To bring up she spit and or put her hands on Rice as if that deserves to be punched in the face make our people look bad. Reading, hearing and watching Black people get mad at other Black people and claim those people are “hating” on Rice is crazy. I’m sure this kind of thinking will have the NAACP or Al Sharpton find time to stand beside Ray Rice and speak as if he’s been wronged somehow.

What has happened is the blame has shifted, it’s no longer about Rice and now it’s about The NFL. The average Joe wants to know just how much did The NFL know and why did the team and league blink on Monday when they were willing to wait it out the first time around. By Thursday night public opinion changed and Rice may have still had a job if The Ravens and The NFL had stood their ground. With that change came this idea that The NFL is attacking a Black man. How stupid of these people to play the race card with situation. First off Ray Rice as long as he was a player wasn’t a Black man he was a NFL player. He had the same protection Ben Roethlisberger had. For people to act as if Ray Rice had been treated unfair is crazy. The NFL heard the story and may have even seen everything that happen and chose to cover him and give him a two game suspension. Once the video of the actual punch was out there people made those rumbles transform into roars on how two games wasn’t enough. For African Americans to talk about how that man job was stripped from him is silliness. If you or anyone you know who isn’t famous did what Rice did, you’d be unemployed too. To be honest you’d be kicked out of where ever you are once the argument started and you’d definitely locked up after dragging your woman out of an elevator. Your job isn’t going to come to your rescue, or even be there for you after your few months behind bars. You wouldn’t get that soft alternative to jail time Ray Rice got either. We know the system targets African American men, we know if he was a nobody things would have been much worse as far as the court system is concerned. People are complaining about his NFL career, he still will have a life. Michael Vick still had a job after his time in Federal prison, the average person can’t do that. Ray Rice is fine, the fear of fan backlash was why he was let go not what he did. Now they’re wondering who will pick Rice up next year.

If you want to talk about what brings our people down then look in the mirror. Trying to come away with reasons to justify Ray Rice just because he is black makes our people look bad. Pointing out the White women defending Rice doesn’t mean shit either. His wife isn’t White, you remember how fucked up Tiger had it for a year by White media, a good portion females as well? All he did was cheat. White people went above and beyond to celebrate once OJ was locked up, they didn’t care why he was locked up they just were happy he was locked away. Trust me those white ladies wouldn’t have been so supportive if his wife was White. They don’t see themselves in his wife. We as African Americans see ourselves in any black man under fire by the media, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, OJ, Ray Lewis and now Ray Rice.

I’m not in support of Ray Rice or his wife and I feel they should have hit him with a one year ban. Not just from playing but from everything like interviews, charity events, any appearances of any kind. You know it will all come back to the punch. And then let it be known anything dealing abuse to a female of any type will result in one year of couch time. Hopefully other leagues as well as college sports will come up with their own version of punishment. There are stiff punishments for drugs and guns and a slap on the wrist for cases dealing with females. The NFL is a brand and as ESPN is proving everyday of a year round sport, so once your in The NFL your life is a part of that brand. It’s why off season antics are punished in The NFL season. Maybe all those African Americans fighting the good fight forgot about that as they argued Ray Rice was on his personal time during the “mistake”. Personally I don’t care what happens with the guy but I will not let my “blackness” be defined by if I support Ray Rice or not.


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