Reading Between The Lines On Grimes


It’s almost that time to vote and I’ve learned two things.

1. John Boehner is going to win Ohio hands down, I have yet to see or hear an ad from his opponent. I don’t even know who the person s but to be honest as long as I see a D by his or her name they have my vote.

2. Alison Grimes is running for Senate in Kentucky

That’s all I know of Grimes, there’s no real voting record, no real scandal with government funds, no real off hand comment by her or a close associate or family member. Nope, none of that is the issues with Grimes. What Grimes suffer from is the theory of the Obama effect. I personally thought that Obama will hurt Democrats talk was just something talking heads said, I was wrong. Mitch McConnell “attack ads” are nothing more than The GOP insinuating Grimes is a yes man for Obama. The ads attack Obama and by way of saying Grimes is with him, so a vote for Grimes is a vote for Obama. The hate for Obama is o high that to show a politician smiling with Obama could cot you an election. McConnell’s doesn’t need to know anything about Grimes, the republican voters don’t need to know anything about Grimes, they know via “attack ads” that she has went to events where Obama was and the Democrats are funding her campaign, yeah that is a weird attack seeing how a party should back their candidate. While Grimes is going after McConnell for what he’s done or haven’t done for the state. Comparing the two I’d go with Grimes. For one she’s younger and we need younger people because these old politicians stopped caring a long time ago. The McConnell ads speaking on how great he is look like the ads for John Boehner. All you see are old white people. You can’t move a country forward when you’re still focused on old people who are still stuck in their old ways. Those McConnell ads where he is surrounded by old people and that cool and the attack ads showing Grimes by much younger people which are negative is saying much more than maybe even McConnell’s people thought about. Going after Obama is fine but it doesn’t prove Grimes will be a terrible senator for Kentucky. I wish there was a debate to watch and see how much McConnell would speak more on Obama than Grimes.

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