I’m Wasting My Vote In A Winless Election


Election Day is today and the only thing I want to see is how bad of a margin The Democrats will have lost by. I’m not seeing anything that indicates there are close races out there somewhere. You have to really admire and applaud The Republicans for the skill it takes to dissect President Obama and focus on one or three bad things but never acknowledge the positive those things have done. Yeah The Republicans overlooked the actual candidate in the mid term elections and attacked Obama by way of the guilty by association method. That’s not a problem, it isn’t something that’s new at all. What is new is the lack of defense by The Democrats. All any Democrat had to do was go down the list of the things that have gotten better since Obama has been in office and have independent sites attached so people can look those facts up on their campaign ads. The Republicans have moved away from the killing “Obamacare” talk to now wanting tweak it. that’s admitting it is working but not wanting to say it. You have John Boehner saying Bush “Even Putin is smart enough to know that Bush would have punched him in the nose in about 10 seconds!” What The Republicans won’t ever let their base know is how much Obama has come off looking more conservative and tough than The Republicans. The Republicans look tough going against Obama for the sake of their base. It’s sad so many Republicans are willing to play along with such hatred to keep a job. Now there are some there are completely on board with the Obama hate and may really hate Obama, but someone it is what has made these last six years hell.

That knowledge is what has Democrats defenseless, there is nothing that they can do to grab votes from those who aren’t willing to see or hear the facts. If I was part of the Democratic think tank Id bring up the flaws of The Republicans. First off they walked off on the job… Just took their ball and went home. You focus on that because there is nothing brave about walking out on your job, especially when that job involves America. I thought it was sad for not just Democrats but the news media to allow Ted Cruz speak on how he played his part of the lock out/walk off for about two million people who supported him and his movement. To say those two million people spoke for the whole state of Texas was insane and if someone like that can walk around without taking a hit there is problem. I could find two million people in any major city in Texas and not one person brought that logic up. The fact that the real world doesn’t work in the manner where you can walk off on your job and keep it should be addressed by the Democrats. Yes, we all hate things that happen at our jobs but we don’t walk off unless we know we have somewhere to go that will generate income. Republicans voters love talking loud about who is financing the Democrats, corporate ties exposed and Hollywood connections. The Republicans are selling, no offering the country to two guys. The whole party is following the direction of two men and Democrats don’t bring that up and to be honest the Republican base doesn’t care, it’s better than Obama in their minds.

The democrats are distancing themselves from Obama and if they had any sense they’d stop with the games and justsay what we all know. He’s black, it was fine theory to have a Black President but he isn’t just going to lay down and let Republicans walk all over him so for that we will go against him. They’re going against him in public, behind closed doors it isn’t so bad. The Democrats have been strong on many things that you normally see from The Republicans and not one Democratic candidate put that out there. I’m voting for anyone Democrat and if I happen to see a third party candidate I’ll vote for that person. Today is just a bad day for The Democrats.

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