Attack On The Uppity Negro




Bill Cosby has found himself in the news for rape allegations again. This time in our heighten social media driven world you find out fast where you stand with people with or without the truth of whatever story is floating around. But I personally don’t care what happened between Bill Cosby and whomever the women are. Sad to say I never care when it’s local news reporting rape. I selfishly thank God it’s no one I know and move on. Of course I do the backhand, peanut gallery, how could they stuff like anyone else, but I don’t know the names of the victims or even the person accused of rape most of the time. It doesn’t matter to me. That’s how mainstream media felt about Bill Cosby, they didn’t care. The rape talk was brought back to life via black social media circles. It seems until the meme incident mainstream media didn’t want to deal with Bill Cosby and the multiple women claiming they were raped by Cosby.

But this isn’t about mainstream media no more than it is about rape and those saying that Cosby had raped them. This is about Black folks knocking some uppity negro off his soapbox. Once you read anything about this rape stuff you’ll find a nice amount of black people commenting like bitter ex lovers. More people mad he talked bad about his own people and how he’s an uncle Tom more than how we really never know anyone and how Cosby is proof antone can do horrible things. Even the Hannibal Buress footage which brought new life to Cosby and the rapist talk is more of a “look who’s talking” type of rant, not comedy. It is build on the fact Cosby has said what he said about black people while he was a rapist, the crowd cheers and claps in agreement, there really isn’t a joke in there just an off hand rant. As Black people it feels like that was the news we needed to make us feel good. It could have been anything negative about Cosby, domestic abuse, child abuse, gambling habit causing him to go broke, IRS seizing assets and drugs use that would have gotten the same responses. We don’t care about the crime just the fact it was Bill Cosby. The mainstream doesn’t really care, it was a slow week and it was a icon involved in the story, America’s favorite dad. By the end of this week there will be no more Bill Cosby talk. Could speaking the truth about how we as Black people have embraced the non sense of the life of Black stereotypes really be that bad? Are we really so hateful of the truth that we cheer for shortcomings and the foul things people do to come to the light? We all have dirt and it just so happens Bill Cosby has his out in the open right now. We as Black people stood behind Michael Jackson and R. Kelly, we even know of or have actually seen the video of R. Kelly with the teen and still bought his music and went to his shows. There are many Black celebrities that have done some crazy things from sexual assault to knocking their woman out in an elevator and you can read comments of Black people trying to defend it all. Bill Cosby is thrown to the wolves because he feels a certain way about how we as Black people are now content with where we are and how we’re viewed.

I’m sure it it’s been decades since Bill Cosby has had to directly deal with the kind of people he criticized, but not me, I can see them everyday. It is sad and I feel now more than ever that there may not be a turning point. We are the only people filming crackheads doing stupid things and posting on Facebook as entertainment. We are the only people being exploited and in those videos where the white guys say approach Black men and say whatever then find themselves about to catch a beatdown. We cheer the explosive reaction all not understanding it is a backhanded commentary on why “stand your ground” is necessary. I won’t even begin to get into those “Be Like” memes, We can’t or we choose not to see that. Bill Cosby is right, Black Friday will prove him right as people, not just Blacks, will stand around waiting to purchase whatever but didn’t have time to vote. There is something not right in our community and we’re cool with that. I guess the truth really does hurt because a lot of people showcased their hurt feeling in the last month. We hate the messages saying we should switch and we hate the messenger even more.

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