Athletes Not Entertainers Making Bold Statements


The news media went crazy this morning with the story of LeBron James wearing a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt during practice along with a few other players last night. I’m not hear to add to that story but take away fromit how it seems more athletes are making statements whether it’s the Rams in St. Louis or the Nets Cavs game than rappers and singers. It’s something to applaud because there are so many things that could happen as far as sports are concerned. The NFL and NBA both have sidestepped the issue while not condoning nor condemning the players involved. What makes it great is the fact the players didn’t shy away from the questions and answered them respectfully about where the shirts. The other side of the fence where entertainers are flooding Twitter with their thoughts which is fine but it’s not the same thing as being heard on the radio. No one is calling up to stations or posting videos on Youtube and sending the link to blogs… Well let me fall back and say I don’t think that’s the case, I’ve been looking since the Mike Browns killer was given a pass. Morning shows speak on Brown and Garner and move on to the next story as if it’s regular celebrity gossip. I get people look to escape the real world by listening to certain shows or just the radio in general and going to certain websites, but as Black people we can’t just turn off the issues that plague the communities we live in, and in some ways it’s selfish of me to want more from Blacks in the entertainment world. It’s not just radio and television but online as well. All the sites that have tons of ads featuring black faces on their sites aren’t making that effort either. I don’t expect MTV or The Rolling Stones sites to have editorials about the what happens in the lives or the taking of lives of black people. The blogs and sites carried on speaking on the newest songs released what Kardashian is doing what and what artist or athlete is doing. Of course it’s not my place to speak on what others do when I haven’t really written anything myself about what has been going on. I do feel to follow the ongoing drama that is Bill Cosby and not the historic ongoing battle on Black men says something about us as Black people. ESPN was forced to speak about the life of Black men vs. law enforcement in America thanks to having to speak on LeBron wearing the shirt. ESPN has had every show speak about this and will for the remainder of the day. Radio personalities have the same opening as the African American men on ESPN do and the moment to add thier two cents is going by fast. Wish our entertainers and radio personalities could speak as freely about injustice in our community as they do about other entertainers.


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