Salute to Sting

If you’re a fan of WWE wrestling then I’m sure you know Sting made his WEE debut on Survivor Series a couple of Sundays ago. The crowd went wild and it was cool to see Sting being the silent assassin Sting in The Crow outfit. Since then Sting has been mentioned and not seen since that night. Many people were saying “finally”… It seemed as if Sting would never give in and go to The WWE. Well he still didn’t really. There a clip where Sting explains why he didn’t follow fellow WCW wrestlers to WWE below.

When thinking back Sting was correct in a lot of ways. The WWE loves to celebrate the stars that they’ve made any chance they can. One if the great moments of the year was seeing Stone Cold, The Rock and Hulk Hogan together in the ring. An announcer said something about Mount Rushmore of wrestling in the ring. You need four for that and no one wanted to call Rick Flair who is top ten, maybe even five all time greats. The WWE didn’t make him a star, Flair is an icon who truly made himself that guy we all know and love or love to hate. Back when the merger first took place there was a weird period where WCW guys were just afterthoughts. Yes, most went on to do major things but it took awhile for that to happen. Watching WWE give love to an icon like Sting proves Sting totally did the right thing. Yes, Sting may not have had the legendary matches that could have been but watching him walk down that ramp was enough for fans. My theory is that Sting could be the first wrestler who has never had a WWE match that gets into the company’s Hall Of Fame. Sting has had a great career, the kind of career that had he been in the WWE he would have been a main event player. Now the WWE is showing WCW shows you really get to see how good Sting really was. He is a major attraction to the new video game as well. By rights The WWE owns the likeness and name of Sting to a degree and while capitalizing on that they made have realized that Sting truly was the franchise of The WCW.


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