Day 3 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Freddie Gibbs: Pinata

Freddie Gibbs is everyones favorite rapper on the underground level. To me Gibbs like Reks, Mac Miller, K.R.I.T and Don Trip are overlooked by Hip Hop heads but get love amongst their peers. Gibbs has done projects with so many artist and this album is with Madlib, who tailors the sickest loops to fit Gibbs stories well. I always love the view of Gibbs moral compass of a hustler and G in the streets in his rhymes, not many touch that real relatable point of view in songs like Jay Z in his prime, but Gibbs is right there with it. Every song is just grimy and great.

Hip Hop Song: 50 Cent: Hold On

Once you hear the first song from Animal Ambition album by 50 Cent it sets the tone for the album. “Hold On” is just so hard it’s crazy. Not to say the album is bad but “Hold On” sets the bar so high that the rest of the album had to stay just hard, gutter, lo fi and one tracked minded.

Non Hip Hop Album: Coldplay: Ghost Stories

First off, what is there not to like about Coldplay? They say pain makes for good art. Well, it goes something like if not exactly like that, I know I’m totally wrong on the wording. One thing is for sure Ghost Stories reminds me of what I’d want to feel when in a troubled time, no pitiful, whiney but too angry where someone would need a police escort to and from work. Just really retrospective about time. You can feel the thematic scope of the music as it plays from one song to the next.

Non Hip Hop Song: Dan Croll: I Wanna Know

I’ll admit that this song sounds very stalker-ish. With that said, I like this song, I can’t even remember where I heard this for the first time but I know I was rocking it for a few months. I guess from a hopeless romantic angle it isn’t creepy, just sweetness in overdrive. As poppy as “I Wanna Know” is it still has a groove to it, yes I never feel pop music has a soul behind it. I have the Sweet Disarray album and it is a great album, not my personal top ten but this song is a banger in my book and why it made my list.

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