Day 4 Of What I thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Skyzoo & Torae: The Barrel Brothers

This was a must have off top, Torae and Skyzoo quickly became one of the illest duos thanks to the back to back bangers they did with DJ Premier. Unlike many other two man connections that have come in Hip Hop like Nas & AZ or Ghost and Rea, Torae and Skyzoo made good on their bond and dropped an album. It’s everything you would expect from a project like this with these two men. Every track is flawless and everyone who contributed to album did their thing. This was one of the major highlights for Hip Hop to me this year.

Hip Hop Song: Eminem feat. Royce Da 5’9″, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Trick Trick: Detroit vs. Everybody

Not sure how to go about labeling the Shady XV album, if it’s Em or just him gathering people from Detroit to connect for an album? Either way this song sums up why Detroit was and still is a location to look at when it comes to real MCs. Sidenote, I didn’t know Big Sean was from there and I didn’t know he could get it in like that, it ALMOST made me want to check his albums out… Almost those singles are so ass and the guy on this track would have faired better on “control”. Still this is a ill song.

Non Hip Hop Album: Morgan James: Hunter

I noticed Morgan James was in the pop section, guess that’s a skin tone thing because the album feels warm musically, even the uptempo songs don’t sound pop at all. It’s more Jazz than anything, the slower songs are the highlights of the album. The thing it’s hard to label music when music has been broken down to Hip Hop, Pop, and Country leaving everthing else having to find a place to fit in within those three genres. Nice album either way.

Non Hip Hop Song: Diana Vickers: Mr. Postman

Not at all a cover of the classic song of the name, more of a female yearning for some throwback connection of human contact. The music is good and the way Vickers paces her self makes the song work. I’ve rocked more than a few times on my shows just because it has a nice pop edge feel to it.


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