Day 5 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: PRhyme: PRhyme

This album came out of nowhere, I mean it was like a song here and there, a few interviews, a video or two popped up and Complex documentary with episodes missing, Complex is famous for that shit. Still, just knowing DJ Premier and Royce were doing a project together was truly the next best thing to Nas and Preem. This album doesn’t disappoint at all. Using nothing but Adrian Younge’s catalog DJ Premier crafted some bangers and Royce, as well as guest who show up, get it in over those beats. It’s rare for DJ Premier to be part of a project with just him as the producer and so far when those project hit the streets it worth it.

Hip Hop Song: Nas: The Season

It’s sad Dilla didn’t get the chance to work with so many great MCs for whatever the reason was. Like everyone in Hip Hop, many of those greats acknowledged just how sick Dilla beats were. Nas gave us something to sink out teeth into as he did his thing over a Dilla beat. To be honest I’d be cool if the Nas and Common album was done with nothing but Dilla beats like how De La Soul did with their mixtape tribute to Dilla. “The Season” a nice short example of what Nas could do when dealing with some soulful beats.

Non Hip Hop Album: Leela James: Fall For You

I had to look beyond the whole “Diva” show she was on and accept that even artist for stature would also want to break into pop culture, or urban pop culture. That career move didn’t leak into her album Fall For You. The album is still just as soulful and that is all that matter when it comes to artists who have dones music the way they like for so long.

Non Hip Hop Song: Jazmine Sullivan: Forever Don’t Last

When you first hear “Forever Don’t Last” you almost forget the song is new, I mean 2014 new. The sound, the vibe, the whole topic un general is a throwback. I can’t remember the last time i’ve heard a younger artist speak about a relationship gone bad and the song sounds classy. Became a fan of Jazmine Sullivan once I got over the song with Missy back in the day and she still is a major force in the game. Glad to hear some good soul music.


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