Day 7 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: J Cole: 2014 Forest Hills Drive



When it comes to young dudes who were the guys who should be carrying the torch J Cole is at the top of the list. Going past the hype and how it was the number one album, the album is good. I’m still a fan of all the beat choices but i say that about Nas too, it’s something that happens I guess. Nice to see the brother is staying to true to himself and giving the listeners something to hold on to.

Hip Hop Song: Rick Ross: Rich Is Gangsta

From the time the beat drops to the last words Rick Ross says this song kills it. I got the Mastermind album and enjoyed it. This song was one of the three standout songs to me.

Non Hip Hop Album: D’Angelo: Black Messiah


This album came out of nowhere, I went to a site one day and saw the Amazon link, went there and there were no comments or stars. I had to go back and read the review to make sure someone was trying to sell a mixtape or some group of unreleased songs from Voodoo. It was the real deal and it was different. Different in a good way, the way you’d expect someone like D’Angelo to give the world.

Non Hip Hop Song: Rae Sremmurd: No Flex Zone

This song is straight foolishness to highest of highs, yet it’s so crazy that it sticks to your ribs. I think everyone kn ows someone way out of the demographic range of this song that sings the hook all the time. I don’t even know anything but the hook and for that the song has done it’s job. Trust me it’s not a good song but because it’s kids being kids and it could be a lot worse like some grown ass 30 something trying to make this his single I gave it love.


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