Day 10 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Statik Selektah: What Goes Around

It feels like Statik Selektah drops album and or mixtapes every year.What Goes Around was sold on the fact that Statik was building Kanye and Kanye informed Statik Jazz was dead. Statik then made an album with a lot of Jazz samples. This album sounds like something straight from 90‘s when DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Q Tip and many more were rocking some ill Jazz samples. Every MC who came to the party showed out for real. Statik is one of the better producer in Hip Hop and this album proves it.

Hip Hop Song: Statik Selektah feat. Bun B, Jared Evan & POS: God Knows

The whole is dope and on the edge of classic, this song is just classic out the bag. Just hearing Bun B and Pos on a track together is a must hear, then to hear them go where they take the track makes it that much hotter.

Non Hip Hop Album: Walk the Moon: Talking Is Hard

Been a fan since I heard them a couple of years ago. This album is just as hot as the self titled album in 2012. Fun, energetic and just what’s up.

Non Hip Hop Song: Sia: Big Girls Cry

Not as big on this like I was all over “Breathe me”, still this song is on point. I’m not sure when I heard but I know I was shock it was Sia. It’s nice to know she still doing her think and I haven’t gotten around to getting the album yet.


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