Day 9 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Planet Asia & TzariZM: Via Satellite

I’m someone who every once in awhile buy a Planet Asia project. This is one of those projuects and it is a banger. The beats are sick coming from TzariZM and Planet Asia does his thing. This is true underground Hip Hop where the MC drops science and the beats match the the MC.

Hip Hop Song: Diamond District: First Step

The whole March On Washington is dope but “First Step” was a standout to me. Everyone involved handled their verses and the way the beat rocks, it was something that demanded multiple plays before I even went to the next song. I have slept on this group and the members as solo acts as well. I’m up on their music and will be checking for more stuff.

Non Hip Hop Album:Taylor McFerrin: Early Riser

I came across this album thanks to Amazon once I got the Flying Lotus album. The beats are mellow and out there but sometimes that eases the soul after long days. I’m feeling Early Riser.

Non Hip Hop Song: Sam Smith: Stay With Me

Getting over the face he looks like Mac Miller to me and all the gay stuff, didn’t know that until I read some peoples comments about him. Anyway, the song is good, even once you figure out what it means. I’ve been holding back on getting the album but to not after rocking this song so hard is a crime.

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