Goals for 2015


I can honestly say I followed through with most of my goals I set last year. Feels good to now know I’m settled in to things, we moved to Cincinnati one child has excelled while the other has become a wannabe teen punk, that’s chalked up as growing pains. Now that we’ve been here over a year and have seen another Christmas come and go I think it’s safe to say things are good now.

Personal Goals:

  • Make sure my lil man stay on the grind

It’s hard to not let kid not spend hours on a tablet playing games until his fingers cramp or his eyes fall out of his head, but we have done a good job at that. He understands that he has to read and do some educational activities online before given thirty minutes of free time. He hasn’t been into books as hard since he has gotten his tablet and that somehow translated into cutting back his love for Presidents as well. Need to get him back into really reading and not just going through the motions, the quiz after whatever he reads helps on that. Like I tell my girl there is no need to have dumb people in these days and time because there is so much information out there.

  • Be lil mans first Employer

I want to start having lil dude help me get set up for the shows as a job hit him off with some money and let him get used to working and being paid for his service. He knows what is expected of him in the home and his duties and it would be nice to not just give him money for just waking up and asking. Yes, I’m old school like that. My mom made me earn money for something when I was six and I have never just asked for money, I would do all kinds of little thing to make money for candy and hitting the arcade… Showed my age on that last comment. Still it will be cool for him to have his own money that he earned to something that has nothing to do with chores.

  • Have a good summer vacation

We’re planning on hitting Baltimore up this summer and hanging out in DC as well. It’ll be nice hitting up an area I used visit when I was younger and just seeing how much things have changed if at all.

  • Get the body right

So we’re cutting back on food consumption and getting right is a big move this year. I know I’ll try it and then at some point notice it all went to hell and I’m back to just eating whatever whenever. Also will do the workout thing a lot more than I was which none at all, If I wasn’t getting a workout at work then i didn’t much at all. That will all change.
Music Goal:

  • Start having videos of the Beats & Bars show

Starting next month I’ll start having videos on Youtube and or Daily Motion of my Friday show, every medium counts when getting an audience.

  • Expand Beats & Bars Friday to two hours

Not sure when or if this will happen but I’m sure when I’m ready it will be fun. I rather have more to do than just play music but I have to really get my ducks in a row to make that happen.

  • Work on new projects

I was very discipline last year with doing my radio show three nights a week missing a night here and there. With that being said I know that I can take days to focus on working on projects that I been thinking of doing for since I moved here. I would love to connect with an outside producer but I been coming across the same kind of music from a gang of producers, not sure how so many people from different places make the same kind of beats… I do know but I just don’t get why. So I’ll hopefully get into a zone and start working it out.

  • Work out this gift pack thing out

My man keep asking about the S.O.N.N shirts as well as the Home Sick mixtape. So I’m thinking I’ll make a hard copies of Home Sick and get Shirts made and a flash drive of some other projects. I got my shirts from one place and like the look but the shirts themselves were so thin it wasn’t worth wearing. So I find a place that makes them with thicker shirts I’ll be ready for everything else.

  • Get back to Sunday Soul Session

While getting all this music there is so much good slow stuff out there that I can’t play on my shows so Sunday Soul Session would be a good place for rocking some good slower stuff.


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