Ledisi Should Have Been A Feel Good Story Of The Grammys


If you’ve seen the drama about Beyonce stealing Ledisi’s thunder yesterday and may have wondered who is Ledisi? You’re not alone, she isn’t part of pop culture regulars at all. Now if you’re the type of person who actually took time to check her music out and liked it because you’ve read comments about how good, no great, she is of a singer imagine if she had got to perform at The Grammys instead of Beyonce. The Grammys have been known to single handed put artists  front and center in pop culture just from exposure. Ricky Martin was one of those people, Bon Iver was a niche group before The Grammys.  Imagine hearing Ledisi do her thing and everyone first learning how to spell her name then going to Itunes to hear her music. To have performed at The Grammys televised portion on your resume is a great look. Some people with great careers have not only never won, have never been nominated for a Grammy, which by the way not being up for those major award does lower the chance to perform a song at The Grammys. Ledisi lucked up because of The Selma tribute. This could have been her one shot or at best the first of many times seen live at The Grammys. Blame on what happened can go around starting with Beyonce, to those who didn’t stop Beyonce from hijacking Ledisi shine, including Ledisi herself. Maybe if she had voiced her opinion things may have been different. That last comment can also be taken two ways because it could have also meant what outlets do play Ledisi’s music could have stopped playing it as a result of standing up to the queen. Maybe John Legend could have spoken up. If this was Like Chocolate For Water Common he too could have been substituted for a more high profile MC.The Grammy are nothing more than black tie AMA or MTV awards, if you’re not holding top spot in Country, Pop or Urban music you’re not even on the televised portion of the show. Ledisi made it through the doors with nothing more than VH-1 Soul as a outlet. I hope someone at The Grammys noticed the class act she was to take it all as a blessing and find a way to get her stage sometime in the future.

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