Kansas Wants Control How Welfare Recipients Spend Their Money

Gov. Sam Brownback is set to sign House Bill 2258 sometime this week. That bill is nothing more than control budgeting and spending for those on welfare. I personally have nothing against the premise of saying those needing government assistance shouldn’t be out trying to live it up as if the money they’re spending is from their own earned income. I agree that people on welfare shouldn’t be out getting nails and hair done, going on family trips out of town on the governments dime but movie nights seem to be over doing it. To tell people how to spend the money that is given to them sounds ridiculous but then comes the human reaction. If I give someone in need some money to help them get by and they go out to the club or they buy Jordans or something you feel like they abused your generosity. True people can spend the money given to them however they want but now there will be restrictions.

Just from being out and about I can see how monitoring people wasn’t a hard sell to legislation once someone thought this idea up. We as citizens get informed when politicians funds for trips and just about anything not government related, how are we willing to dismiss those on welfare abusing government funds. In Missouri Republicans are looking to ban steak and seafood purchases from food stamp recipients. I do agree there should be some limits on food purchases too, steak and seafood isn’t the problem. Snack or junk food is the problem, obesity can easily be linked to economics, poor people have poor eating habits. Why not limited the snack food purchases, encourage more Fruit and Vegetable purchases? I know it will never happen but even strike a deal with organic food stores to accept EBT if they don’t already to help those on food stamp eat healthy. If you’re willing to ban steaks and seafood because you feel someone is “living it up” off of the government why not ensure they eat healthy. While putting a hold on theme parks, tattoo and nail places encourage gym memberships? The money spent on hair, nails and a few tattoos could go towards a gym membership easy. If government is sticking their noses in business of people and trying to control what they can and can’t do with the money point them to being healthy. Of course that will not be the case. What will be the case is government going old school and doing house check ins again. If you’re up in arms about food and personal spending you’d have to want to make sure they really need the money. Kansas is opening that door and to be honest if that is what it takes to make people feel they need to get off of welfare and get a job, I’m all for it.


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