When time isn’t on your side


November 1, 1964 – January 23, 2015

You know those times when you stop and think about that person you were tight with and then had a falling out with and wonder what they’re up to and try to connect with them to move past the beef? Yes. I was in that mood last night after doing a Guru tribute mix I was hitting Facebook up to see if a homie had an account. He didn’t so I then went the Google route. I saw an obituary with the name of the person I was looking for and thought nothing of it until I saw the place of birth and place of death. On January 23rd a one time close friend died and it was more than a shock to me because I was thinking to maybe go home a day or two in the summer and build with family check in on my peoples around the way. I should have reached out before, years ago but never did it. Death makes you realize that tomorrow ins’t promised and sometimes you you have to let go of bad blood and reconnect with those you were once close to. I honestly always thought I’d get the call about family before close friends, mainly because of social media where you know what’s going on in their lives even if it’s a front, you know they’re doing something when you see the selfies and memes.

My and my mans had one of those creative differences moments. I was on one vibe and he was about being a step or two away from a nice payday. I was all about my creative freedom and my group so I walked away from the plans he had as well as our friendship. I was never about paper chasing and maybe because he was closer to his sources he saw something I didn’t, I just was about not shifting gears for radio play. If I did say anything negative about him that really was it, He was willing to curb his vision for that chance. He was a real dude, told yopu where he stood on topics, always had his peoples back even when they were fucking up, He loved his daughter, always was in grind mode, he put that battery in my back to do me and go out here and be my own boss for a short time. The whole time I was thinking he was doing big things and too busy for shit like Facebook since his name never came up. No one I know back home knew his number or really saw on the street since Newport News was going under heavy changes and most people moved to Hampton or out of the 757 all together. Not knowing what was the cause of death I can only hope it wasn’t something that cause him much pain or some senseless violent act he got caught up in directly or indirectly. They say time heals old wounds, as we get older we either have to heal faster or measure the friendship to the issue. You have to be the bigger man and reach out first and early because you never what tomorrow holds. Would have loved to build with him and exchanged stories collected during the time we weren’t talking. R.I.P to the big homie James Arnaz Littlejohn, wish we could have squashed senseless beef.


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