BET Is Doing A Black Version Of Punk’d Instead Of Something Original

BET at this point to me is like the Republican party or that person around the way you watch and listen to and shake your head at all the time. Instead of tapping into the well that ABC has with Shonda Rhimes and pulling people from her writing staff on any of the shows she has going on and coming up with something fresh of their own BET wants to urbanize Punk’d. They rebroadcast Scandal like Hulu, which you know has to cost a pretty penny being that it’s the new episodes as if people with basic cable aren’t get ABC, so there is money somewhere over at BET. I had an issue with BET a few years back doing knock off shows of stuff that was hot elsewhere. For some strange reason the creative minds over at BET are content with giving poor programming to their audience. Not sure who is at fault, BET or those who watch BET.


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