Kim Kardashian Firing Shots At The President

Kim Kardashian is blasting President Obama for not using the word genocide instead of massacre when speaking on what happened to Armenians in 1915 . That’s sounds cool on the surface, someone having pride for their people and wanting to get the word out about the history of their people. People do this all the time, it’s help people become more aware of other people and cultures. The Problem is it looks like Kim has just now found her Armenian pride and one has to wonder is this the new topic of discussion genuine pride or something for her show? There’s no more crackhead former NBA stars, or relationship status changes, she’s already had her baby, step dad, is now step mom. Where else can Kim Kardashian go? The Instagram pictures and the grand standing on her soap box screams attention whore. I think this is news more so because people didn’t think she gave a damn about her peoples history and to be honest it is a welcomed new look for Kim. She has been in the media spotlight since 2003 when her and Brandy’s brother made a sextape and now twelve years later you take a trip and take a stand, it sounds like the ingredients for a new season more than an awakening. The news media is loving it because you’re mixing tabloid reality star drama with politics. President Obama has been the only other person getting as much attention as Kim Kardashian, why not have these two in some war of words. Kanye will jump in and make a song and once the new President comes in office everything will be what it once was, Kim and the family taking trip and E! turns into a fun hour long episode and politicians will go at it about problems neither side really wants to fix. If Kim Kardashian is really dedicating herself to inform people about Armenian history, not just the genocide, salute. I personally think this is just a publicity stunt.


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