Immigrants Will Not Destroy The GOP, What They Stand For Will

Pat Buchanan, the great pessimist, believes that the generations to come from immigrants, meaning diversity, will be the end of The Grand Old Party. What he fails to see is that the average person is conservative at heart. It’s the work hard and be independent mind set that may keep people of color in the party to begin with. No one thinks government handouts are good, to have a fair and balanced pay scale to live is something you’d think everyone is for. Where the Republicans mess up at is the continuation of white washing the party by playing on racism and by pandering to that closed minded factions. Republicans are open about their racism and have been since Obama took office, those immigrants of color who outnumber white or what is considered white immigrants will and have seen that as a target on them as well as African Americans. If the last two Presidential elections haven’t taught them anything one would thing third times the charm next year. It seems the more middle ground Republicans are now going further right to please the base which doesn’t connect with the country as a whole, and looking to have people of color and women saying those same extreme right views do not make them the message more mainstream.

I get the gay thing, some Americans are still against that. I get abortion and welfare. I get being tough on Immigration. It’s the flat out racism I get lost on as well as the need to not want to raise the federal minimum wage or address why school are being closed and prisons are being built. The second and third generation immigrants will have a better understanding of US politics and grasp the code words and see past the smoke screen and that will sway their parents and grandparents votes. The country is becoming a diverse place and the more The Grand Old Party tries to keep it old money country club white and convince the working class and poor white people they have nothing in common with working class and poor people of color the party will dwindle sooner than later. People look to support themselves and their family and hope their children will benefit. Watching politicians from The GOP whore themselves out to billionaries and closed minded Christians doesn’t appeal to everyone. The GOP has to cut the strings of their puppet masters and truly rely on the people who vote. If they find that even ground where it’s not over extreme they can easily get undecided voters as well as a few Democratic voters. To say immigration will kill The GOP and not look at what the party has become is sad. Maybe one of the Republican candidates will step up during the primaries and appeal to those in the middle and that will spread throughout the party and change things. If not the party will see a Democrat in the White House for another four to eight years.

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