NBA Spoiler Alert The Cavs Win It All

Now that both game ones are over it’s official, Cleveland will win it all. The Hawks are no match at all for Cleveland and watching them against the Wizards I wondered how they were the best team in the Eastern Conference this year. On the West I know the two best players of the year are playing but I still can’t see Houston or Golden State beating Cleveland. You will have to beat Cleveland, no close games are allowed, things get all kabuki in close games. There isn’t any excitement about The Hawks or whoever comes out the west. If any one of the three teams beat Cleveland it will be an upset but I don’t see that happening at all. I would love to see a great NBA Finials but I know that isn’t happening so there isn’t any reason to continue to watch the games. I’ll wait for the next day and watch ESPN tell me how great LeBron he is.


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