Is LeBron That Good Or Is The East That Bad

Two questions are out there as The Cavs sweep, that’s right sweep the number one seed of the eastern conference.

1. Is LeBron James truly the greatest of all time to take a Cavs team that is missing two of their big three to The NBA Finals? The Cavs were garbage since LeBron left now they’re four wins away from being the champs.

2. The Eastern Conference sucks. How did Atlanta not only go in the playoffs as the number one seed but stay the number one seed most of the year?

Cleveland essentially had two first round match-ups, Atlanta was no match at all for Cleveland. Game four was a joke of a game that proved the east has issues. The fact that Cleveland made it to the second seed isn’t a testament to LeBron, it’s more proof the east is horrible. OKC seem to be in a similar situation fighting to stay afloat all year and just missed the playoffs. Any good team could end up being the eastern conference champs, this year a slightly above average team had LeBron James which catapulted them from the bottom of the rankings to being a favorite to win it all. The thought that  LeBron could go anywhere and that team is automatically a favorite ONLY works in the east. To face The Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies and Mavericks three to four times in the regular seaon is a grueling year for any player , but be a player who has it easy in the east where outside of Chicago and maybe Indiana when their clicking could be overwhelming, even for LeBron. As of now Cleveland like Miami when LeBron played there are a lock to reach The Finals every year just because the east is so bad.

The NBA should just allow the ninth and tenth seeded teams in the West to play in the East. Put those teams records in the mix and throw them in where they’d fit on the East’s playoff seeding. It would make it more exciting. In that mix Cleveland would have faced a red hot Westbrook in the first round, now that would have been something to see. If Cleveland was in the west they’d be fourth facing Portland, which they’d beat in six. The NBA is okay with this for weak conference  now since it keeps their best player in The Finals, it just makes the playoffs unwatchable when it comes to the eastern conference. This doesn’t take anything away from LeBron, he is doing what he is supposed to do like sweeping two out of three series, one being the number one seed. He can’t help the fact that his conference is weak. Atlanta and Cleveland would be the only two teams from the east in the playoffs if they were in the west and even then Atlanta would be out in the first round, that’s just a fact. Bill Russell is the greatest winner in The NBA and no one dares state there really weren’t great teams outside of The Celtics, the team he was a part of. I say that because LeBron is heading into that rare circle where Russell, Chamberlain and Bob Cousy reside and that’s being so great that they have their own stat records. Time will not reflect on LeBron as having it easy the way it doesn’t when speaking on Russell. LeBron James is in different place that Jordan, Magic or Bird didn’t get to and that’s being real.


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