Summer Plans

Schools out and there’s already vacation plans made for the summer. I’ve also told myself to figure something to do with lil man on one of my off days, I’ve been looking at thing throughout Cincinnati to get into. I’m sure we’ll have fun doing whatever, he seems to be easy to please at this time. Just going to The Great American Ball Park to just be there would be enough for him at this point in his life. We have tickets for the 4th of July game so the tradition of going to at least one Reds game is still running strong. Going to D.C. is another thing that’s planned. We even sent an application for a White House tour, never heard back but heard it’s rare to get accepted on your first try. Either way we think it will be fun being in D.C. and Baltimore. Then head to Bad Newz VA and connect with family and maybe a few homies here and there. Would be nice to catch up and see just how much things have changed.

Music wise I plan on attempting to have a beat uploaded a day this summer. I’m notorious for starting projects and not following through, this one I think I can do easy. I also will get back to The Wonder Years Wednesday mix playing stuff I liked growing up. I did it last year and it worked to a degree, I didn’t have the stuff I really liked so I’ve been on Amazon in grind mode the last few months. I also plan on getting back to Thursday Review as a podcast. Trying to get that internet visibility up. I have more ideas I just never get around to completely mapping out due to all the other things on my plate.

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