Public Enemy Documentary

I saw this documentary over at Digger Union, they always find some real Hip Hop documentaries… Yeah, that’s my go to for real shit like that. Anyway this was one was made through the people over at BBC television which makes sense given the fact Public Enemy is huge overseas and America still views them as a threat. Being honest a part of me would be cool with Unsung doing something on Public Enemy or maybe back when Behind The Music or Biography was still around, just to compare the way it would be handled and what would be the focus on American television. They spent little to no time on Flava Flav whether it was his show, drug habit or book. The documentary truly takes you back to the humble beginnings of being a DJ crew to their radio show to dropping the classic It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. That would have been overlooked here in America. This is a great documentary, I just wish it was longer.


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