Rachel Dolezal Is Crazy What About The NAACP

By now you’ve heard about Rachel Dolezal and how she pulled one over on the Spokane chapter of The NAACP, or did she? African Americans are highly upset about all of this and taking that frustration out on Dolezal. It seems justified on the surface, then you realize she has been with The NAACP for years. The story had died down but it still continues to have memes made about Dolezal, and even a SNL skit. This isn’t someone who just got there three or four months ago, we’re talking close to a decade within The NAACP. How did no one even think something was up with Dolezal? Truthfully she wouldn’t be a story if she was some intern that was caught up in blackface. It would have made the local news, a few Black blogs, even a talk show or two and we would have moved on. This became news because she was the president of a NAACP chapter. She was voted in by her peers. How did no one no she wasn’t white? Everyone wanted to hear what Dolezal had to say for herself and yet there is no asking about the Spokane chapter of The NAACP who seems exempt of any foul play at this point. It’s already out there that people have actually met her parents as she claimed her father was her step father, so as her parents I’m sure were saying it was all a hoax, did no one in The NAACP believe them? The fact she had no childhood friends on Facebook didn’t seem odd, hell no old photos of her childhood. We can’t just go hard at Dolezal without asking what part if any did The NAACP have in all of this keeping up the charade. The whole being Black thing started in 2007. I get that something like this doesn’t happen often and the fact she has two adopted brothers who are Black and some older gentlemen was the man she claimed was her father doesn’t make one question her. Is the media and us as Black people afraid to ask The NAACP how they didn’t see past her blackface? What I have noticed while this story had legs and is still a running joke is that The NAACP didn’t really put distance between them and Dolezal. There were no harsh words about her from her chapter at all. Could Dolezal have made the same moves being herself? She has art in galleries, she teaches, or taught at this point, The Black Woman’s Struggle, African and African American Art History, African History, Intro To Africana Studies and African American Culture. Could Dolezal had gotten the respect as a white woman? If not, and I do think she wouldn’t have, maybe just maybe doing the blackface was a safe bet. So far no one is saying she was terrible at her job as a teacher or member of The NAACP. I’m sure many people have had great conversations with her about life as a Black female or just being Black. Would those conversations not have been had if she was just some white chick? Maybe The NAACP had some idea and went all Lois Lane not wanting to see the truth for some reason. If anything Dolezal proves that white people can understand our situation in America, she wrote papers that I’m sure people read and thought they were great and people loved them and were conversations pieces in some groups. Those papers would not be respected if they came from a white female no matter how good they might be. She is totally wrong for pretending to be black but she must not have been that bad of person, so far I haven’t heard anyone close to her or who have been in her company really speak negative about her. Getting mad at Dolezal is normal, spreading that anger to The NAACP should be just normal.

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