Did R. Kelly Forget About The Winter Of 2002

“Bill Cosby is a Pervert That Belongs in Jail”  “I know a rapist when I see it” 

– R. Kelly

Wow! I can’t believe R. Kelly fired shots at Bill Cosby. It makes you wonder is he throwing shot because unlike Robert Kelly Bill Cosby finally told the truth about his crime or is Robert grand standing because his new fan base has no idea of his underage sex and golden shower tape that almost costs him his freedom and his old ones chalked it up to crazy celeb shit? Bill Cosby won’t be jumping out to ask if anyone will give him a in a song, or even jump in a movie to try and get people back on his side. He definitely couldn’t have held off on court until people forgot and his victims became adults. If you google “R. Kelly sex” right now you can still read all of his 2002 dirt. If anything time has been extremely good R. Kelly so much so that even he has forgotten all about his sex crime. I know he like many other people would say he was found not guilty but people also know that was him in the tape, it’s the OJ trail scenario. If R. Kelly had found him self out there today having sex and pissing on underage girls there would be more than his personal cameras that in fact was R. Kelly. R Kelly would be held as a sex offender, words you will not find attached to any reports from 2002 because that title wasn’t just tossed around lightly as it is now. Bill Cosby drugged women and raped them, R Kelly had sex with underage star struck females, both by the definition of law are rapists. Someone should remind R Kelly that he too is a sex predator and people forgive with time, for some a good album makes them forgive and forget faster.

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