Jeb Was Supposed To Be The Smart Bush

“people should work longer hours”

– Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush made himself look completely out of touch with the common American after that comment. After that comment Bush then tried to expand on the comment to put things in context. The problem is Bush still looks out of place because jobs aren’t just giving full time work out to employees, some jobs have cut back their hours over the years. So even if people were willing to work more than forty hours the place of employment will not allow them to. This all goes back to not blaming the employees but challenge the employers. The wage debate will always be there, if you shift the focus to hours, guaranteed forty hours you may be able to downplay the not wanting to go the living wage route. Even then it all comes to down to pay. There are people in households where two or more people work full time jobs and making ends meet still are a major task. Some people work a full time and part time job and barley stay afloat. Even good paying jobs are quick to cut hours because the pay is so good, all of that evens things out. The part time hours and high pay balances out things for a decent paying job and full time hours. If what Jeb said is the thinking within The GOP the party is in trouble.


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