This Could Be Why Cait Gets Hate

Let’s get two things straight. One, no one really cared about Bruce becoming Cait, yes there were jokes and memes but everyone gets joked on these days. Two, people knew there were other people who deserved that Arthur Ashe Courage Award more than Cait. The fact ESPN said there was no list of people and Cait was the only choice is where the hate came from. Last night we all saw the end game, I Am Cait commercial followed her acceptance speech without missing a beat, I thought it was still part of The ESPYs. There lies the reason for the hate. Bruce Jenner, and I’m calling her Bruce no matter what, it’s the barbershop scene in Coming To America theory, admits to never trying to met other transgender people. That comment in the montage alone made watching her name drop those who have died or been hurt feel less authentic and came off like a politician on the campaign trail. ESPN, ABC and E! all came together to push I Am Cait, not transgender awareness like the commercial before her acceptance speech would suggest. ESPN knew she was going to be at the ESPYs somehow someway. Why not capitalize on some Kardashian fame. ESPN was lucky Jenner was an athlete, a fact that the average fan of the show and family didn’t know or may have forgotten about. The truth is if Jenner wasn’t part of the family or Kim didn’t have a sextape no one would have known, no paparazzi would have been outside the hospital when Jenner was getting work done. Her life would have been obscure until HBO Real Sports or 60 Minutes would have gotten wind of her and done a quick little story catching the world up on the transformation. There would be no show, magazine covers, possible make ads or awards, people would see the episode or hear about it, be shocked on move on. People want to try to tie the hate for a family filled with attention whores and what Jenner has done with her life. It’s not true. People seen where it was all heading once ESPN said she was getting an award you knew it was a tie-in to her show. Jenner isn’t the first semi famous person to change genders, her popularity is not about awareness, it’s exploitation, a new angle to explore within the Kardashian brand.


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