Justice In Cincinnati

I think he lost his temper because Mr. DuBose wouldn’t get out of the car. I think he lost his temper and when you see this [bodycam video] you will not believe how quickly he pulls his gun and shoots him in the head. It’s maybe a second. It’s incredible, and so senseless, and again, I feel so sorry for his family and I feel sorry for the community. This should not happen, ever.

– Joe Deters

Yesterday the 29th of July something extraordinary happened, prosecutors actually are going after a cop who killed a Black man. All the local channels shit down waiting to see how things would play out. In typical fashion for news program s they spent a good portion of the time reporting how the city was preparing for the worst. The thought of Ray Tensing being convicted must’ve been the furthest thing from the minds of those in charge of the local news. All three channels were talking about riots and so focused on the negative side of how things could get out of hand, that all we saw before Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters say Tensing would be convicted.

Unlike other cities and particularly what happened to Sandra Bland officer Tensing was wearing a chest cam and that made things more clear as to what happened on July 19th. The family of Sam DuBose had been requesting the footage be released since the news broke about DuBose being shot in head. Personally I’m not sold on flat out doing the right thing and even with the footage being out there. Some people still somehow feel DuBose being shot was his fault. Many feel Tensing wasn’t even a real police officer since he was a campus cop. That truth to me makes it easy to convict Tensing. Either way something has happened that so far looks as like  justice for the murder of DuBose. Who knows how things will go during the trail since Tensing will plead not guilty, the jury could feel for Tensing and to be honest if I was him I’d place my bets on a jury.


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