The Coolness Of Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton did much better than expected raking in $56.1. Million dollars and coming in number one this past weekend, as of now, Monday, I have yet to see He movie. What this has shown is just how much Hip Hop is truly a  culture that needs to be respected. This was a film that people from all walks of life were rooting for and praying it wouldn’t tarnish the legacy of N.W.A. Of course Ice Cube and the stars of the movie like Gary F. Gray had to do the routine PR campaign to promote the movie, but the rumors of the film and the good reception to the film being made was enough to ensure that the film would do well.  The movie crossed demographics and was rated R  and is doing well, which other than certain comedies doesn’t happen often.

The ugly aspect of all this is how as a culture our legend’s stories are not being told. Younger people had no idea that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were in a group together and as much as the younger people on social media would want you to believe they’re Eay E fans many of them were lost with what they saw from comments they typed out. .N.W.A had one the biggest and most bitter breakups in Hip Hop and for that to be lost in today’s beef obsessed world is saying something. N.W.A like 2 Live Crew fought and sacrificed to say what they wanted on records, a fact artists all over who do music should know and be grateful for. Hip Hop blogs and sites should have been telling the story of N.W.A long before this movie went into production. Not to sound too disrespectful but I’ve been waiting for some protest group to throw “Fuck The Police” in the mix as a theme on the low. The one thing younger people are taking away from the movie is how not much has changed in regard to the police and their violence towards Black people. Speaking  of violence there hasn’t been any attached to the movie about the world’s most dangerous rap group. That is now a story, gangsta rap movie hasn’t caused some sort of uproar somewhere.

Hopefully Straight Outta Compton opens the door or more legends, not saying 50 Cent, Eminem and Biggie don’t deserve movies but seeing how so many people had no real clue who N.W.A was means our ” urban” music outlets and Hip Hop sites have been failing to preserve the last great American art form. Yes, Hip Hop is being held as more important and influential the days of the British invasion and just important and diverse as Jazz. So many people who claim to love Hip Hop don’t know  amazing moments and people. This may be the beginning of something great down the line for the culture.


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