About To Do My Thing On Periscope

liveattheoasis periscope

I’ve been thinking of doing something on periscope since I started using it a few months back. One thing I was stuck on how to go about doing it honestly, then as I realized just do it. Don’t overthink it is what I noticed from the people who dp live streams that are doing show type of feeds.  Just be natural and be prepared for the hecklers looking for something more or just to disturb the vibe. I mentioned be natural because some people are just being them while others come off as fake, or maybe people who are too friendly creeps me out.  I know people just like to feel thier having people engage with th and be open, the fake or genuine factor isn’t an issue as much as reading and responding to what’s being typed to people. I want to do Thursday review about what has happened during the week from music to news to just life. Also want to do at least first Friday mix on periscope if not all the shows.

What I don’t want to do is be on periscope every chance I get, i’m following people who are on a lot throughout the day. I can’t do that so once I’m done for week with my scope I’m done unless I’m checking out other people. I’m doing this to promote my movement and express myself. Who knows I may get gifts or give stuff away down the line. I see people doing that lately. Sounds nice if you tap into something that people connect with. I’ve come across more motivational speakers and djs but it could be just me and what I’m looking for. I’ll find out next month when I jump in the periscope pool.


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