How Far Right Is Too Far

You know when you think people can’t stoop any lower than they’ve already stooped?  Well The GOP primary candidates have shown there are levels that are lower than people know and they’re willing to go there. Cruz, Jindal, Huckabee and supposedly Carson have agreed to speak at some conference next month. No big deal right? Wrong , well depending on your views on gays. The conference is organized by some far,far far right wing nut job named Kevin Swanson no relation to Ron Swanson.

This guy has issues with girl scouts… Girl scouts. Some how girl scouts promotes being a lesbian. Not sure where that idea comes from and I’m sure if I took the time to listen to his reasoning I’d laugh my ass off, I may walk away from it completely disturbed. Even the Frozen movie is under attack for endorsing the lesbian lifestyle. I can only wonder if he watches Once Upon A Time and is the reason the show side stepped the love triangle of Milan and the sleeping beauty chick. Swanson is totally on some anti gay movement which is fine, but once you start talking about killing people you’ve crossed a line. How does a pastor even begin to have those kinds of conversations with anyone?  We all dislike something and or something about a person or people, having prejudices is one of the worst aspects of being human. With that said it takes a special kind of hatred to openly plot mass murder. Swanson wants to stone gay to death.

The problem isn’t Swanson or those who follow his every word but the republican presidential candidates that are cool with showing up at some function put together by Swanson. How much does acceptance really mean when men who have aspersions of being president are content with alienating a population of people who lives have been openly threatened by the organizer of an event they’re a part of. Is all of this to say gays have no rights, and not be allowed to roam freely in America without wondering if someone will follow through on threats made by Swanson? Each candidate has to know that the talk will focus on being anti gay. So far it feels like the only hate group that can’t get republicans to come to a get together are the Klan. It’s one thing to attempt to misdirect people with The Tea Party, now thanks to the high pole numbers Trump is receiving being hateful is acceptable. Hispanics being beaten, the imaginary war blacks are raging against cops and pastor who think gays should be stoned to death. All of these are views and actions approved by republicans who are running for president. Nothing is more upsetting and scarier than knowing the leader of the best country in the world is willing to openly turn his back against citizens who don’t look like him or agree with his views. Even W.Bush and Reagan played the game while using coded words, no the keep it 100, no PC rule is in play. It would be nice if republicans flocked to groups that didn’t harbor hatred and were about truly making this country great again.


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