EPA Stands For Environmental Protection Agency

I’ve watched more than my share of campaign ads against the EPA leading up to Tuesday that I had no choice but to realize that people in Kentucky watching and listening to these ads like the “real” people in the ads have no idea what EPA Stands for. I’m sure if someone explained to people what the EPA does then there would be a real conversation to be had. It’s easy to slam the EPA when you have no real clue how the EPA actually work or what it is that they do. With that being people do hate the EPA and yet complain about what is and how isn’t helping anyone.

It just makes me mad because I watched campaign ads from Kentucky and the whole topic is about how bad the EPA is and how great coal mining is. With all the technology we have in the world why does it feel like mining is something that still deserves to be barbaric? Doctors perform surgeries with smaller more effective tools and don’t have to literally open you up to do so. Why isn’t it anyone’s obligation to make mining safe? I’ve went on before about all the things the EPA watches over and to put it blunt, it’s OSHA for our country. It makes sure America is safe from water to air to environmental regulations. How that is a bad thing is something I just can’t understand.

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