Day 3 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Kendrick Lamar: How To Pimp A Butterfly


Here is an album that confused many people, not because it was complex but because it was an artist pushing the game to a degree. So far elevation has been dudes singing on records and Kendrick came with something totally off the wall. Musically it’s West Coast Hip Hop all day, even the songs with Flying Lotus who reps the West.  Is the album too different? Not sure but I am sure it was needed on a time where the game seems to be going in two directions. Kendrick has opened a new lane and that lane will be for West Coast MCs who don’t want to follow the path of Dilated People or Snoop and DJ Quik

Hip Hop Song: Joell Ortiz and !llmindfeat Emilio Rojas, Bodega Bamz & Chris rivers: Latinos

As much as I like the Human album it’s not on my top ten list. “Latinos” makes me list and if you hear this just once you’d know why. There isn’t a weak verse at all. One of the better possess cuts of year.

Non Hip Hop Album: Hiatus Kaiyote: Choose Your Weapon


I started listening to this group when I first heard “Nakamarra”. From that point I checked for anything they did. The album has less singing than  Task Tomahawk but it means nothing because the beats that just come out of nowhere are sick as he’ll. Amazon has them in them in the R&B genre but nothing ever remotely close to this comes on urban radio and stations that do play more soulful stuff aren’t playing this either. One great album from crazy creative group.

Non Hip Hop Song: Case: Timeless

The latest Case album is cool but “Timles” stood out instantly. The 90’s feel could have been what attracted me to the song. The song is a great song for someone like Case who hasn’t been around for years, at least from what I know


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