Day 4 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Statik Selektah : Lucky 7


I swear every year it feels like I’m throwing Statik Selektah album in the mix of my favorite albums
Not surprising given the fact that Statik gets the right personal for these albums and Lucky 7 isn’t any different. The album is filled with gems as one would expect. Another great outing in 2015.

Hip Hop Song of the year: Wale White Shoes

One of the better albums this year was Wale Album About Nothing. One song I personally thought was great goes to”white Shoes”. I could have placed the whole album in the list but I’d have to leave out something I really think should be I’m this list. One thing is for sure I’ve become a fan Wale more and more with the release of each new project

Non Hip Hop Album: Adele: 25


First off I have to applaud those who hate on this album for being slow and semi depressing, it shows people are so in denial with real life that when an album that touches on heartbreak comes around people panic. No dance tracks nothing crazy uptempo and yet an album that filled a void in radio right now, the truth records. Mary J was the queen of those types of songs. 25 is good as it is depressing and that counts for something.

Non Hip Hop Song: Alessia Cara: Here

Anit social to the highest power, or super stuck up. Either way this song is sick, I hunted the song once I heard it on the radio.


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