Day 5 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Apollo Brown: Grandeur


Remember when Dilla was the Pete Rock and The Alchemist and Statik Selektah were the closest thing you could get to DJ Premier? Well if there was a producer looking to be the second coming of 9th Wonder it would be Apollo Brown. He has an impressive resume and shows why on . I personally thought it would be another collection of beats, it’s so much more. Every track is sick

Hip Hop Song: Slum Village feat Bilal and Illa J : Love Is

Yes is one I’ll ass album and one of the tracks that get me hype is “Love Is”. The track is totally Slum Village and then add Bilal in the mix and the finish is classic.

Non Hip Hop Album: Vivian Green: Vivid


I have’t kept up with what Vivian Green has been up to, mainly because I’m not into her music Ike that.What I am into is Vivid, Green’s latest album. Soulful, funky and filled with life. The uptempo songs feel natural and are energetic and fun. The slower songs are heartfelt even the more cookie cutter sounding ones. Vivid is a nice album.

Non Hip Hop Song: Grace Potter: The Miner

I like Midnight but my personal favorite is “The Miner”. The title tells you all you need to know about this mid tempo song, chick is in semi okay relationship and her man is nice with the Jedi mind tricks.


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