Day 7 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Fashawn: The Ecology


Some albums you hope are good and end up being far better than you expected, The Ecology is that album for me. I know Fashawn has bars and listening to his mixtapes I always feel the beats get to crazy and wierd, same thing I think about Blu when I listen to his albums, but The Ecology kept it simple. The beats were dope and the subject matter was great. One of the album’s that played all the time.


Hip Hop Song: Rapper Big Pooh feat.  Jalen Santoy, November, Lute Kings

First off I think any album with less than ten songs is an EP, so I didn’t count Words Paint Pictures on the list, one more song would have gotten it in. That being said the one song I played all the time was “Kings”. It’s a I’ll cut with young spitters you really say some deep shit the beat is soulful and every one did their thing.

Non Hip Album: Carla Morrison: Amor Supremo


My Spanish is the worst, I know enough to have a short conversation and keep it moving. Despite this I enjoyed Amor Supremo by Carla Morrison, it’s a sultry album, something smooth to listen to. Every song has close to the same Tempo, that isn’t a bad thing at all. Great album that I wish I knew what was being said.

Non Hip Hop Song: Mark Robson feat Keyone Starr

While everyone was all over”Uptown Funk” and rightfully so what became a song that was sick to me was “I Can’t Lose” that features Keyone Starr. It’s light breezy and jacks the melody of a Snoop Dogg song that featured the late great Mate Dogg. All that said it really is one of the the better songs on the album


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