Day 8 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Raekwon : Fly International Luxurious Art


Raekwon did his thing on the F.I.L.A album. Yeah there were way too many guests on the album but it still was a fun album.more celebratory of just good living than dark dreary hood stories. The album’s title lets you know the vibe that’s taking place.

Hip Hop Song: Black Milk Cold Day

Anther creative hood story song from Black Milk, he gives such a upbeat vibe to his story raps at times, this is one of those. The beat of course is fire, it’s Milk. What would you expect?

Non Hip Hop Album: Tuxedo: Tuxedo


I personally thought of this album as a Hip Hop album but Amazon cause R&B,. The album is funky, the whole vibe is smooth and just heat,feels like summer in west coast .


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